Natural Horse, Dog and Cat Treats

Australian made and dehydrated for freshness and flavour.

Our natural products are tailor made to help your best friend with their optimum health and happiness.

natural cat treats

Cat Treats

Our cat treats are all-natural with no preservatives or nasty hidden additives. Our extensive range includes dehydrated treats that will delight your cat or kitten. We stock everything from tuna and chicken to beef and mussels treats.

natural dog treats

Dog Treats

Our dog treats are all-natural with no preservatives or nasty hidden additives. Our extensive range includes dehydrated treats that will delight your pup. We stock everything from kangaroo and beef products to chicken, duck, and tuna treats. 

natural horse treats

Horse Treats

From feed and fencing to tack and training, equine owners want the very best for their horse. This extends to treats- do you know what you’re feeding your horse? With our dehydrated horse treats, you can trust that you’re giving your horse a delicious delight that’s also good for them.

Whether it’s for calming skittishness, promoting energy levels or simply a delicious and nutritious snack for your best friend, Mr Lambert’s Natural Animal Treats has a product to suit your needs. Our pricing reflects the care and time we take to ensure you receive the freshest produce available. Our products are individually cryovaced to ensure the best for your pet.


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What makes our products so special?

Our products are dried through a special process called Nutrieseal.  

This system is specially designed for dehydrating food products: meats, fish, poultry, vegetables and fruit at low temperatures.

Through the Nutrieseal process, we are able to preserve the natural nutritional value and delicious flavours while keeping it fresh and ready to consume. 

Once our product has dried to perfection, it is vacuum sealed to maintain the freshest treats for your furry friends.

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About Us


Mr Lambert’s Natural Animal Treats is an Australian owned and operated family business. 

We understand that your animals are a part of your family and we want to give them the absolute best products for their health and well-being.

We stand by the saying “you are what you eat” and ensure that our products contain all-natural ingredients, with no preservatives or nasty hidden additives.

Our Happy Customers

Read user comments about the benefits and effectiveness of Mr Lambert’s Natural Animal Treats.

I bought the Chicken Breast Bites for my puppy and he LOVED them. Would recommend them to any pet owner


I am very particular about what I feed my pets (I have a cat and a dog). I love that these products are natural and retain the nutritional values.


My dog loves the kanga chews. We started using them as a behavioural treat and now he can’t get enough