About Us

Simply Delicious, Nutritious and Australian

We understand that your animals are a part of your family and we want to give them the absolute best products for their health and well-being.

Mr Lambert’s Natural Animal Treats is an Australian owned and operated family business. 

We stand by the saying “you are what you eat” and ensure that our products contain all-natural ingredients, with no preservatives or nasty hidden additives.

Our products contain vitamins and minerals that are essential for the health and well being of your pets and that have been tailored to suit their specific needs.

In addition to snacks that are simply delicious and nutritious, we also have treats that aim to promote calmness, or that can help to boost energy levels.

Preserves nutritional value
Superior flavours and texture
Shelf stable product, no refrigeration required
Neutralises harmful bacteria

Our Secret Drying Process Preserves More Natural, Nutritional Value, Delicious Flavours and Freshness

How it Works

  • The Product is loaded into a hermetically sealed chamber with no outside influences. A controlled airflow of continuously purified air flows over the product extracting the moisture. 
  • The purified air kills airborne bacteria as well as bacteria on the surface of the food and process equipment.
  • Temperature profiles during dehydration are varied according to product characteristics and to perform pasteurisation at two key times. 
  • Duration of the pasteurisation cycles are varied to ensure the required temperatures are achieved throughout the mass of the food product. Total drying time varies depending on the product, typically in the range of 36 hours to 55 hours.
  • The automated low temperature control system monitors the temperatures throughout the whole process, varying it so as not to diminish the proteins, nutrition, flavour or aroma of the product.


The result of this is the high-quality finished products Mr Lamberts Animal Treats!