Dog Treats – Healthy, Natural and Australian Made

Spoil your pooch with our range of delicious and nutritious dog treats!

At Mr Lambert’s Natural Animal Treats, we believe that your pet deserves premium products made from the highest-quality ingredients. That’s why our dog treats are all-natural with no preservatives or nasty hidden additives. Our extensive range includes dehydrated treats that will delight your pup. We stock everything from kangaroo and beef products to chicken, duck, and tuna treats. 

Our secret drying process preserves more natural, nutritional value while locking in extra flavour and freshness. The extra time we’ve taken to prepare the dog treats results in more vitamins and minerals that are good for your pet. Beyond being nutritious and delicious, we also stock dog treats that match your dog’s unique needs. Whether you’re trying to promote calmness in your excited puppy or give more energy to your older dog, then we have a tailored treat for you. 

Choose quality. Shop Australian.

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